WooTech Winter Mentorship Program’19

It all started with that mail where I got to know that I have been selected as a mentee for the winter mentorship program conducted by WooTech- Women Wooing Technology from Dec’19- Jan’20

For those of you who don’t know what WooTech is all about- they hope to provide a mentorship platform to women in technology and guide them in their career. However, the mentorship platform is open to everyone including males, students, working professionals or just anyone curious about technology. Woo-Tech aims to: Encourage and involve more women in technological fields Help students build careers by matching them with mentors in the professional fields Help professions/non-students seeking to move into a technical career by matching them with students.

My mentor for this program was Chestha Kwatara and my project partner was Akansha Tanwar.

Basically in this program, we aimed at developing a chatbot for women a ChatBot which was duly named Eliana which provided assistance to women regarding taboo topics such as menstruation, abortion, STDs, depression, etc.

The tech-stack basically involved two major components:

  1. Flutter
  2. Dialogflow

Honestly speaking I had no idea about the above two and that’s where the real learning started.

So basically we were having a git repository where all resources were provided in the form of blogs, lectures, etc and it was maintained by our mentor.

As for each week's task, we were asked to update the weekly standup, following the mentorship repository in which we have to work upon the new issues which were opened by our mentor.

Week 1: Flutter Installation and Setup, VS Code Setup, Android Studio Setup, building the basic Flutter App

Week 2: Introduction to the Dart language and widgets in Flutter through building the Startup name generator app and created the chatpage for our app.

Week 3- Week 7: Created the route between chatpage and login page, learned how to work with Dialogflow, integration of Dialogflow with the chatbot (flutter app) and how to create intents, beta features of Dialogflow, the inclusion of intents in our chatbot.

Week 8: Finally, we tested and trained our Dialogflow agent so as to make the working of our chatbot more efficient and responsive and to increase its accuracy level.

This entire journey of two months was amazing!! .From learning about widgets in Dart to training our agent to make it responsive and efficient, Chestha Kwatara made it far more simple and easy than it really was. Problems that troubled us like for hours, with her advice and resources it got solved in minutes.Akansha Tanwar you were so cooperative and helpful. It was a pleasure working with you and I really look forward to the same in the future as well.

If given an opportunity I would surely love to be a part of this program again!